God (Allah) is the name of the true existent, the holder of divine attributes, the Exponent of the traits of lordship, and the unique authentic existence. No other being can exist by virtue of its own essence.Whatever derives its existence from Him is perishable by essence. (In fact, all is perishable) "Save His countenance". It is most likely that (the name Allah) occurs as an indication of this abstract entity in the same way that proper nouns (denote particular beings).Everything that has been said in respect of etymology and derivation is arbitrary and artificial.

This name is the greatest of the ninety-nine names because it indicates the essence that brings together all the divine attributes in such a way that no part of them is lacking. Each of the other names indicates a single attribute (mana) such as knowledge, power, action and others, whereas (Allah) is specifically the name (of God) , No one applies Allah to any other but God himself, neither literally nor metaphorically, whereas the rest of the names, such as al-Qadir,Al-Alim, ar-Rahim and the like, may be used to designate one other than He. For these two reasons this name is the greatest name of all.

In respect of the meanings of the rest of the names, such as ar-Rahim, al-Alim, al-Halim, as-Sabur, ash-Shakur and others, it is conceivable for man to be characterized(by these names) to the extent that they may be spoken of him , even though this is done in a fashion different from the application of (these) names to God. As for the meaning of this name (Allah) , it is so specific that it is inconceivable that there could be any sharing of it either metaphorically or literally.In view of this specificity, the rest of the names are described as being the names of God and are defined in relation to Him. (For this reason), one may say that as'Sabur, ash-Shakur, al-Jabbar and al-Malik are among the names of God,(but) one cannot say that Allah is one of the names of as-Sabur and ash-Shakur.(This is true) in view of the fact that this name is more indicative of the true nature of the meaning of divinity and (subsequently) is more specific,(the name of God) that is best known and most prevalent. (As a result) one dispenses with trying to define it by something else,(whereas) the other(names) are defined in relationship to it.

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