(Al'Quddus)The most Holy One is the one who is above every description which human perception could apprehend, the imagination could grasp, the fancy could reach, the innermost consciousness could pervade and thereby have an understanding of Him, or the reflection could determine. But God Most High is completely free from characterization in terms of man's perfection, even as He is free from characterization in terms of man's imperfections. God Most High is free from and exalted above every attribute that one could possibly ascribe to man, and above everything resembling them.

Man is holy to the extent that he sublimates his will and knowledge. As far as his knowledge is concerned, he should sublimate it from all objects-of-imagination,from things perceived through the senses as well as those merely fancied, and from all those perceptions in which the animal kingdom shares.

Therefore, it is necessary that he free himself from these. The dignity of the seeker is commensurate with the dignity of that which he seeks.

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