The Sound One With Whom All Salvation Rests 7 ( As-Salam) is the One whose essence is free from imperfection. His attributes from any trace of deficiency and His actions from evil. Since this is the case, there is no perfect, unimpaired state of being in existence except that which is ascribed to and emanates from Him.Certainly you must understand that the actions of God are free from evil; that is to say, absolute evil which is desired for its own sake and not for a greater good resulting from it. There is no evil in existence which has this description.

The one who comes to God with a pure heart is the one whose heart is free of fraud, hatred,envy and the desire for evil, whose limbs are free of sin and forbidden things and whose attributes could not possibly be inverted or reversed. Among men he is the sound one, the description of whom brings him near to the absolute and true soundness which simply cannot be approached or matched by any other.
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