(Al-Mumin) is the one to whom safety and security are attributed in view of the fact that he supplies that which brings them into being and therewith blocks the avenues leading to fear. The concept of safety becomes of prime importance only in a place of fear, and there is no real fear except where the possibility of non-existence, want and destruction exist. The one who provides safety and security in the absolute sense is such a one that safety and security are inconceivable unless they are derived from Him, that is to say, from God Most High.

It is a well-known fact that the blind person is afraid of suffering destruction in as much as he cannot see; but his seeing eye (basira) gives him a degree of security from it. In a similar way the one-armed man fears the evil which only the hand can ward off, for the sound hand is security against it. This also is the case with all the senses and limbs. The Author of safety and security created, formed, supports and strengthens them.

Man's portion of this characterization lies in the fact that all mankind is safe at the side of him (the Muslim). Even more, every timid soul should hope for and anticipate help from him in staying off destruction from himself in respect of both religious and secular affairs, just as the messenger of God said - may the blessings of God and peace be upon him "If one believes in God and the last day, his neighbour is safe from his evils." The one among men who is the most worthy of the name al-Mu'rnin is the one who protects man From the punishment of God by guiding him to the way of God and leading him to the path of escape.


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