Al-Aziz is the important one who has no parallel like (him). The need for him is great, and the approaching of him is impossible. That which does not have these three properties cannot be designated by the name al-Aziz.
There are many things in the universe of which it can be said that their existence is rare. But their importance is not great and their usefulness is limited, and therefore they cannot be called "Aziz." Once again, there are many things which have great importance,abundant usefulness and are without a peer in this world. However, if approaching (such a) thing is not difficult, one cannot call it "Aziz." An example of this is the sun which has no peer, as is also true of the earth. The usefulness of and need for each of them is acute, to say the least. Yet the fact remains that they cannot be characterized in terms of sublimity since the approach to the observation of them is not difficult. Therefore it is necessary that these three properties be combined before one can refer to a given subject and speak of its being Aziz.

AL-Aziz among men is the one whom the servants of God Most High have need of in respect of their most important objectives, the life that is to come and eternal happiness. The achievement of these goals certainly is rare since their attainment is difficult. Those among men who lead others to these goals form the rank of the prophets - may the blessings of God be upon them.



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