Al-jabbar is the one whose will is effective in respect of everyone by way of Compulsion, whereas the will of no one is effective in respect of Him. He is the one from whose grasp no one is free, but the hands of men fall short of His inaccessible presence. The absolute AL-Jabbar is God Most High. Certainly He coerces everyone, but no one coerces Him. There is not a single person in the world who approximates His power and inaccessibility.

AI-Jabbar among men is the one who has risen from being a follower and has attained the grade of one who is followed. He is unique in the height of his rank inasmuch as he coerces mankind by his shapes and form to imitate and follow him in respect of his manner and way of life. He benefits mankind, but he does not gain benefit from them. He influences them, but he himself is not influenced by others. He commands a following from others, but he does not follow them.

The chief of mankind alone attained this characterization - may the blessings of God and peace be upon him. He said, If Moses were living he could do nothing else but follow me. For I am the chief of the sons of Adam, and I say this without boasting.




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